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Jen the Editor

The perfect words for your thoughts

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About Jen

I have always had a curious mind and enjoyed delving into complex topics. A fascination with the way things work and especially, the way we work has guided me throughout my education and writing career. 

As an undergraduate at Emory University, I delved into biology and learned about the tiny building blocks — from atoms to cells — that all living things are made of.  What captured my imagination the most was how these building blocks go on to generate electricity and power things as complicated as our brains and as ethereal as human consciousness. I studied Neuroimaging as a Master’s student at King’s College London to dig into the hard science behind how the brain works. 

The common thread that binds all my work is writing and particularly, sharing well-researched information with wide audiences. To me, writing is a passion and the best vehicle of conveying interesting and worthwhile ideas to others. My recent work has been published in HackSpace Magazine (by Raspberry Pi),, 3DPrintingIndustry, European Science Editing Journal, and “The Looking Glass” by KCL.

I enjoy staying on top of the latest trends in science, technology, design, and creative industries through various media from special events to arranged interviews. 

I can craft original written content based on your specific requirements and guidelines. Through comprehensive research and organization, I ensure my work is reliable, relevant, error-free and engaging to your audience.


My Portfolio

My portfolio showcases a diverse range of interests, because to me, the world is a fascinating place. I am particularly captivated by ideas centered around human design and wellness — how the spaces and objects we surround ourselves with affect us both mentally and physically.

Maker Articles

Published: HackSpace Mag

We searched high and low — from small studios to vast makerspaces — on the quest to discover which tools makers regularly use to create cool things. Here are the essentials.

Published: HackSpace Mag

After posting his first video just over a year ago, 3D Maker Noob (less well-known as Joseph Casha), has already become one of the leading go-to channels for everything in 3D printing. 

Here, he shares his rollercoaster ride in the world of 3D printing.

Published: HackSpace Mag

Perhaps our fascination with terrariums is part of the larger movement to bring plants into our homes, especially when we have little space. 

Terrariums create a closed environment for plants, free from dust and pollution, with a constant level of humidity that allows tropical plants to thrive. 

In this tutorial, we will be creating a tropical terrarium, inspired by the first one ever invented.

Published: HackSpace Mag

3D printing is becoming ubiquitous — it’s being used for everything from building houses to chocolate creations to the next generation of space rockets.

But in fashion especially, 3D printing has given unprecedented freedom to create and experiment with new shapes, materials, and ideas. 

Here, we show you our safe method to print directly onto a garment of your choice using a standard desktop 3D printer — so get your fabrics ready, and let’s get started!

3D Printing Articles


I profile the top 3D printing hubs in London to learn about their success and rapid growth.


I research a new type of 3D printing air filter that helps eliminate nanoparticle and VOC emissions from 3D printers.

Articles on Miniatures

Published: Dollhouse Miniatures Magazine

What does it take to be a miniature craftsman? I interview the people behind this craft at Kensington Dollhouse Festival.

Published: Dollhouse Miniatures Magazine

I highlight a few of the amazing miniature crafts at Kensington Dollhouse Festival. These exhibits astonish, delight, and inspire. 

Lifestyle Articles

Published: European Association of Science Editors

I interview scientist Paola Dazzan to discover how she balances clinical work, research, and role as journal editor. 

Published: "The Looking Glass" King's College London

I peer into the world of living with Alzheimer’s disease, through the eyes of a person affected by the illness.


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I am always keen to collaborate on new projects. If you are in need of content for a publication, blog, or everyday written material (memos, job ads, reports), don’t hesitate to contact me. I can help write and edit the content you need to the specifications you require. Just drop me a line.